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About Us

“Which grill should I buy?”

We understand that the answer to this question can mean the difference between a gathering ending in a perfect steak triumph or greasy takeout. That is why, for over 10 years, we have been subjecting grills and smokers to our rigorous testing measures: so you can bring home the best one for you and your family. 

What Made Us “Us” 

When family members asked for advice to find the best grill, it was because they knew we didn’t just tinker with grills to see which functioned best under normal circumstances–we would actually try to break them

[In fact, we thought about making the motto of the company “If we can’t break it, you should buy it!”--but our marketing team said that might not be the best first impression strategy.]

Since then, Elevation BBQ team has been breaking–er, testing–grills to provide you this curated list of the best of the best appliances on the market. We evaluate each item based on durability, heat retention, and ease of use. 

What Makes Us Experts 

We never stock grills or smokers based on brand name alone. 

Only the highest quality models within a given brand’s options earn our recommendation. Every grill and smoker we sell has been individually tried and approved by our team for your enjoyment. 

Is it strange to be as particular about grills as we are? 


But you can rest assured you’re getting only top-of-the-line models when you purchase a grilling machine through Elevation BBQ. 

We are your personal:

  • Grill Geeks
  • Smoker Sommeliers 
  • Charcoal Chargé d'Affaires
  • Bonafide Barbeque Buffs 
  • Cooking-On-An-Open-Flame Connoisseurs 
  • And (Punny)Partners in the Perfect Grilling Experience!
What Makes Us Exceptional 

Based in Prescott, we are Northern Arizona’s premier custom grill store–but selling grills isn’t our #1 priority. 

We aim to create a memorable outdoor experience for you with your friends and family while making and enjoying delicious food together. Our main goal is to help you build a relaxed, memory-making, community-rich life in your own backyard. So leave it up to us to only match you with the best grills that money can buy!

“Let’s just keep calm and grill on.”


(CEO of Creative Development)

Want to be able to monitor or change the temp from your phone in a deer stand?

Have 4-5 people grilling at once?

Smoke that special-ordered cut for 21 hours?

By calling us for a (free!) consultation, we can help you:

  • Find answers to your questions about what grill or smoker will best suit your lifestyle
  • Guide you through the decision making process for gift-giving 
  • Filter through the grill marketing noise so you can get to living your at-home barbeque dream as fast as possible 
  • Give you insights, how-to’s, and best practices to get the full enjoyment of your new grill 
  • Choose the best accessories to maximize your experience
  • Walk through the setup and functional features of your grill with you when it arrives 

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